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InDesign Business Card Template 1

This InDesign business card template will allow you to design and create 10 business cards on a standard 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of card stock.

Indesign Business Card Template 1

Indesign Business Card Template 1 Layout Explaination

Red Line - shows final cut size of card (2" x 3 1/2")

Blue Line - shows card safe border of 1/8"

Green Line - shows card safe border of 3/16"

Trim Marks - your print or copy shop will use these marks to trim cards after printing


 Download InDesign Business Card Template 1

The InDesign file is contained in a ZIP file, you must unzip the file before you can work with the InDesign file. If you are not familiar with ZIP files, please view the Tutorial

After unzipping the file, you can then open the template in InDesign

It will look like the photo below along with guidelines (not shown in photo)

InDesign Business Card Template 1 - Diagram B 

I prefer to design the business card in the left top card position. When you have it the way you want, use the step and repeat feature to copy the card to the other 9 positions. 

I also recommend using the 3/16" (green) safe border.

When layout is completed as desired, delete the red, blue & green boxes by slecting with the Pointer Tool and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.

Use step and repeat to copy card to the other 9 positions (see instructions below). 

Using Step and Repeat Feature After Card Design is Completed

1. Select all text and graphics

2. Click Edit, Then Step and Repeat

Vertical Offset Settings

Repeat Count - 4

Horizontal Offset - 0 in

Vertical Offset - 2 in

Click OK

This will give you a total of 5 cards in the left hand column of page

3. Select All Type and Graphics on Page

4. Click Edit, Step and Repeat

Horizontal Offset Settings

Repeat Count - 1

Horizontal Offset - 3.5 in

Vertical Offset - 0 in

You should now have cards in all 10 positions on the page

Your InDesign business card template is now complete and ready to be printed or sent to a copy/print shop.

Preparing Your Business Card Files for Sending to a Print/Copy Shop

1. Copy the InDesign file and all fonts and graphics that were used in the card layout to a folder on a thumb drive or writable CD/DVD

2. Create a PDF in case your copy/print shop doesn’t use InDesign.

Creating a PDF in Indesign

1. Click File - Adobe PDF Presets

2. Click Press Quality

3. Name the File

4 . Click Save

Save the PDF on the thumb drive or CD/DVD with your Indesign file and take to the shop.

Note - always put the fonts and graphics on the thumb drive/CD/DVD so all available resources needed to create your business card are available to the copy/print shop.